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Thread: Cycle over

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    Cycle over

    I finished my 12 week cycle of 500mg test en/wk. I did 30mg dbol for the the first 4 weeks. I slapped on 21 lbs. of lean mass and I am 297 from my original 308. My arms went from 19 and 3/8 inches to 20 and 1/2 inches. The only thing now is to keep the muscle while doing PCT.
    To give you a sense of where I am at, I did a DL triple with 595 (Titan DL suit) last week I did 630 for a single (RAW) and I just missed locking out 605 (single ply RAGE X) on the bench. I got greedy, I should have just tried 600. I prolly would have gotten it. I pulled 715 (RAW) off a rack with straps. My previous best on the DL was 595 (RAW) after peaking for competition. Before now I have never had a good bench over 535.
    I wanted to do the kings gym invitational in Ohio in Nov. since PA strongest man has been canceled but I am a bit burned out. I have been doing plyos out the ass among other things.
    I'll prolly get some blood tests done 3-4 weeks after my PCT. I'll prolly juice it up and get crazy as soon as everything looks normal again. Maybe get some serious benching and DL equipment and try to figure out my Leviathan and get ready for another fed outside of USAPL.

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    none of your business
    watch the level of ur estrogen, make sure it doesn't exceed the level of androgens in blood.

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    leadrer velkar was banned, he wont be looking at this post anytime soon

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