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    Lightbulb need help with breakfast

    I need some type of recipies for a keto diet breakfast, im stuck.. its been only egg whites for days, are certain types of oatemal ok? please help..anyone

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    respect.. I need a freakin breakfast too.. i'm sick and tierd of the egg whites

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    No oatmeal on Keto.
    Why only whites? With a keto diet, you need some more fat. I'm on keto right now as well and for example my breakfast this morning was:
    10oz Serloin steak
    3 full eggs
    1 Tblspn Flax oil

    I sometimes have chicken instead, or sometimes cut out the meat and have 5 full eggs with a little cheese and some Flax.
    If your on keto, just make sure to get your flax oil throughout the day. It's also best to take in some sort of nut(pecan, almond) to balance out your Omega 3 and 6's

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