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Thread: weight loss

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    weight loss

    Hey guys,
    Just wondering Im looking to really cut up and so is my girl. I've done cycles in the past and she hasn't. Im not really interested in pinning anything (hate the needles) so I'm looking for the strongest fat burner I can take orally and hopefully something that she could take too. I have a guy for most of the stuff I can't get over the counter so I'm good that way too. So really just looking for the best fat loss item I could take. Internet order is ok too. We both have a solid diet and are in the 10 - 12 % bf range. Any suggestions? Thanks guys

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    what are your stats? 10-12 %bf, you must already be pretty dialed in diet and exercise wise. How low are you looking to go? What were your previous cycles?

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    I'm 5'6, 182lbs, 25 yrs. I've done both a bulking and cutting cycle in the past (approx. 18 months ago). Both cycles on cyp, for the bulk I kick started with D-bol. I have a solid diet I still wanna get it a little more. As for how low I'm aiming not sure yet as long as I don't feel my health deteriorating I'll keep trying to cut it up a little more.

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    Hey bro -

    You should look at Winnie tabs (Balkan 50 mg - 100 mg) for you and 10 mg for her.

    You may want to look Clenbuterol - 20 mcg - 14 days on / off, Cytomel (T3) 50 mcg, and maybe Anavar

    I know you hate needles, but there are some good products out there if you reconsider and take every 4-5 days.

    Best of luck to you and your girl

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