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    Alternating Pre-Workout Supps

    When I workout I found it to be quite helpful to alternate between several pre-workout supplements as I would build a tolerance to them quicker if I used only one. I had to battle lethargy due to only using oral's last cycle. I even supplemented with transdermal DHEA. Didn't help as much as it said it would but than again what really does?

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    When switching between prewo-supps, the best thingh you might consider is switching to a non stimulant prewo-supp. (hemavol for example)
    Unless ofcourse you are always looking for a stim. In that last case you should just use supps with different stims like (caffeine,guarana,chocamine,acacia rigidula,geranamine).


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    I usually do that as well but I'm pretty sure its all in my head, they are all basically the same thing give or take. II've been on a coffee kick pre workout instead of a Supp

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