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    Question hammer strength machines are they good for starting up?

    hey bros,
    as i have posted a message before about me just getting back into the gym after a couple of years layoff, i am just wondering are hammer strength machines a good alternative to free weights. i know many people don't like machines, but with bench presses and other barbell exercises you have to worry about correct form, right? is it a good idea to start the first 2 - 3 months using hammer strength machines to at least get used to correct form?

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    I think Hammer strength and other machines are good for a beginer to learn the correct path and the feel of the excercise. However, the free weights build your stabilizer muscles. Along with your major muscle groups the stabilizer muscles help you keep good form with free weights, and build overall mass.

    Hope that helps

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    Hammer machines are terrible for beginners . Not working the stablizer muscles can be disasterous. By not working these muscles a beginner can be setting themselves up for injury. I feel a beginner should use a swiss ball for as many excercises as possible.

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    you need to work those stabalizers man or else you wont grow as much as you would like its so important!!!

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