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    Having a week off

    How many of you guys have a week off and how often do you do it.. is it neccesary?
    I usualy train hard for about 12 weeks then hav 1 week off

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    I take a week off every 2 - 3 months. I find that I come back stronger and more focused. The week off gives me time to revamp my routine and diet. I also load up the MP3 player with some new songs and it's like a fresh start when I hit the gym the following Monday.

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    same here every 2-3 months.

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    good idea to always have a break I do it every two to three months

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    Just whenever I feel I need it, no set time really.

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    I used to fear taking any time off from the gym when I was really big into lifting. I didn't want to believe that my body needed rest but now I rest when I need it. If it means two days off in a row then I do it.

    I wish I could still do it non stop and not need the rest but now with a career, fiancee, and other activities it takes its toll on the body. I also think that lifting so heavy for so long really friend my muscles and I am already starting to pay a little for it.

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    Just took 5 days off cause of a pinched nerve (hurt like a mofo) after hitting it hard 6 days a week for the last 2 month, and man you feel refreshed and with more strengh. Just got a lil sore at the forearm but im weak so yeah lol. I think a week is fine every 2-3 months

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