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    Need assistance with workout-stalling


    I am looking for some help with my current program. Before I start, stats:
    32 male
    Training for two years now with strength based programs

    Alright, I started for the first time in my life two years ago at 275lbs about 33%bf(?). I was/am using IF with great results. I started off with Starting strength for about 7 months before moving to Wendler 5/3/1 for about 10 months. I made great progress in fat loss and strength gains despite being in a deficit. My main goal at the time was fat loss and while I didn't fully get what I should have out of the programs because of the deficit, it did its job. I got down to 212lbs on Sept 2017.

    It was at this point I wanted to move on to eating maintenance/ slight surplus while still incorporating IF. I decided to do a Reverse Pyramid Training style making up my own program utilizing what I had at the work gym. My current SHITTY routine:

    Overhead press day:
    165lbs x 5
    140lbs x 8
    125lbs x 10

    Chinups (weighted)
    6 reps (+50lbs)
    8 reps (+25lbs)
    10 reps (+5lbs)

    Incline Bench
    195lbs x 6
    180lbs x 8
    165lbs x 10

    Deadlift Day:
    415lbs x 6
    355lbs x 8

    Kroc Rows
    1x18 @ 125lbs (all out til failure)

    T-Bar Rows
    3x12 @ 145lbs

    Hanging Leg Raise

    Bench Press Day
    237.5lbs x 5
    207.5lbs x 8
    187.5lbs x 10

    Dips (Weighted)
    3x8 (+55lbs)

    Lying Tri Ext
    3x8 @ 100lbs

    Squat Day
    350lbs x 6
    300lbs x 8
    270lbs x 10

    Incline DB Curls
    3x10 @45lbs

    As you can see, I am obviously lacking on Squat day, I know this. Very limited at my shit hole work gym but it just works out better. The problem is my Bench. This is the second time stalling at that exact weight and failed on the 6th rep. Every other lift has consistently gone up since starting this 7 moths ago, adding 5lbs every workout Squat and DL day and adding 2.5lbs every Bench and OP day. I put on 21lbs while keeping my waist the same but perhaps a few lbs of fat on my gut, I'll take it.

    I am asking for some help here. What should I add/take away to improve? I love training 3 days/week and love that I am out in 1hr. I love having 1 main lift and 2, maybe 3 assistance movements. And again, What should I do or add to help my bench?

    Much regards

    P.S.- My numbers aren't impressive, I know this. However, looking back at my log over these years, you just have no idea how weak I truly was and the numbers I started with. In the long run, I've come far...
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    Those are some pretty good lifts!

    Instead of thinking of one assistance exercise you can add, think of doing something new. You have to take your training methods up a notch, you no longer can gain by doing the exact same thing over and over.

    Try dumbbell benching, close grip, wide grip, vary rep ranges... Do sumo deads, rack deads, romanian deads, deadlifts standing on a plate... Box squats, front squats, hell any variation of anything.

    I like alternating workouts so I have A's and B's (for each lift) and change them up from time to time.

    Some of my favorite moves I recommend: glute ham raise, good mornings, JM press (a nicer tricep extension), box squats, paused squats/deads/bench, dumbbell exercises, and a dirtier style of barbell rows ( where you don't do them strict... you need strong lats for heavy pulls.

    Your squat day should have some posterior chain/lower back work, abdominal work (IMPORTANT!), hamstrings and quads. Also you don't even train your calves or abs lol

    Your OH press day needs rear delt work

    You should also do forearm training. I neglected and often found myself hurting, especially with heavy db work. Reverse curls, wrist curls both angles...

    Prehab is important (rear delts, forearms, opposing muscles, stretching, flexibility)

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    If your goal is primarily strength (which is sounds like it is, then weight loss as secondary) - focus on your weak points and hammer them to improve your bench / squat etc. Your volume is also quite low. 3 exercises 3 days a week for about an hour isn't even close to what you could be doing. Your body could handle 5 days a week with another couple exercises thrown in.

    If I were you I'd try adding in another 2 workout days and focusing on weak points. Maybe that is triceps in the bench and another quad specific day to bring up your squat (I'm just picking 2 imaginary weak points). More time in the gym also = more weight loss.

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    Why not change your workout for a while? I weigh 205lbs and I just got up 425lbs on the bench. I do 1RM, maybe once or twice a year. I'm not a power lifter per se but I have descent lifts. I train with medium weights and do a lot more reps. For example, on a leg day:

    Squats: 225lbs x 100 reps (as many reps per set as I can and as many sets I need to finish 100 reps)
    Hack Squats: 2 plates on each side (Wide/Medium/Narrow Stance x 10 reps each) x 3 sets
    Bulgarian Split Squats: (With 50lb dumbbells x 15 reps each side) x 3 sets
    Leg Extensions & Hamstring Curls
    Calf Raises

    I find that doing reps keeps my heart rate up and burns fat. Now, this is not an ideal workout for a strength trainer like yourself. Doing this type of workout once in a while helps to change the programming in your muscles and can help you break out of your plateau.

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