40 yr old male
5' 9" and 195 lbs probably around 15% BF
Gym off/on 20+ years last 4 solid

I'm kind of a nut job when it comes to to eating couple hours before gym and taking pre workout on empty stomach 30 mins before gym. I've recently started workouts before work, getting up at 4am so now I don't have time for both. I've tried eating before and I don't really like it, also tried getting up and taking pre workout on empty stomach (I do have yogurt or a lil fruit) then eating after gym which I think I like more BUT I notice I'm slightly weaker for the big lifts. Whey protein shake when I wake up seems to bloat me and make me not very hungry when I get back from gym, which I hate. My diet is above average. (FYI) I'm currently on a stack of test, tren and npp. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of working out on empty stomach. The struggle is real, well at least in my pee brain. Thank You