I'm just easing back into working out after about 5 years of a somewhat sedentary lifestyle and an office job. Prior to that, my workouts consisted almost entirely of calisthenics and cross training. I haven't really lifted since I played high school football in the late 80's. I played inside linebacker at 5'9" and 175 lbs in a small Fl High school.

I was disgusted with myself at 225 lbs about 3 months ago and my first focus was losing weight. To do that I would fast every other day (only milk and/or orange juice) and eat two small balanced meals on the in between days. Anytime I felt a hunger pang I'd drink a glass of ice water and do a set of push ups. I was doing 4 or 5 sets of 25 to start and was up to 50 push ups per set by the time I decided I was ready to start lifting again. Because of my age and injuries I decided to stick with relatively high reps and low weights.

About a month ago I joined the gym at a local church (only $95/year!) and started a basic circuit work out program. I go 6 days a week and take Sundays off. I do these circuits 5 times and adjust the weight in order to achieve muscle failure by the 3rd circuit, then do the max number of reps possible after muscle failure for the 4th and 5th circuit. I don't always do the 5th circuit, depending on how soon I reached muscle failure I finish with a cool down walk, stretch, a short run, and a final cool down walk and stretch.

M,W, F:
15 bench press
15 cable crossovers
15 cable pull downs
1 minute planking

T, Th, Sa:
15 upright rows
15 cable butterflys
25 sit ups
1 minute planking

So this is where I'm at. I know I have a lot of natural gains to realize before starting a cycle, but I'm also thinking that my low normal testosterone test results mean that I might benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, which my VA doc unambiguously ruled out.

I know that most of y'all know way more about this stuff tan me, so any constructive comments are appreciated. Don't mock me for not know more, and I won't mock you for not knowing how to call in an airstrike or conduct an assault on a bunker...