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    need help setting up a workout on a limited schedule...

    Alright guys i started my new job a week and a half ago and now have no time for myself....

    My old plan was
    Mon = arms - Bi's - curl bar, incline curl, cable/reverse cable curl, and straight bar. Tri's - v-bar, straight bar, rope extensions.

    Tues - chest incline, decline, flat bench and flys.

    Wed - shoulders arnold presses, military press, standing lat raises, shrugs. then a "reminder set" for arms curl bar curls, v-bar extensions.

    Thurs - back- t-bar, seated rows, wide grip pull ups. Chest "reminder set" flat, decline, incline db.

    Fri - Legs - deads, squats, both sleds, calf raises inner, middle, outer.

    Abs three times a week, cardio 3 times a week.

    Heres the problem i now have little time left for the gym. Can someone reccomend a descent plan for maybe goin four days a week.....thinkin mon,wed,fri,sat or sun. in fact i've only been to the gym once this week.

    Im on a lower carb diet 50 on non-workout days and 70-100on workout days...also using 500mg's sust, 600mg's eq a week and 125mcgs t3 a day.

    My original plan was to use the t3 for the next two and a half weeks finish my taper off and then use the last 3 weeks of the cycle and into pct to bulk up some muscle...

    Biggreen after reading your whole cycle post i figure its about time to change the workout anyhow...been doing it past 5 months or so.. so im lookin your way. Help on diet, routines, etc would be awesome.

    Height 5'9" weight 195 bf% 12ish

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    Well if your using T3 I asume your tying to cut up a bit right?
    Just super set:
    Mon: Chest/Tri's
    Weds: Back/Bi's
    Fri: Legs
    Sat: Shoulders/traps/forearms

    Play around with the supersets and see what u like best> That was just an example.

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    reccomend they same types of exercises?? ir any new ones thrown in there?

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    I don't like chest/tri's and back/bi days.
    So i'd go with something like

    Mon: chest/bi
    Tue: legs
    Wed: off
    Thu: shoulders
    Fri: back/tri
    sat: off
    sun: off

    Thats of course if your goal was size, if your goal is strength, then i'd be WSB all the way.

    I wouldn't do abs more then twice a week.

    Its always a good idea to change up your workouts, rest intervals, order of exercises, types of exercises, volume,etc.

    If your schedule gets really bad, then HIT may be the only option left. I myself am getting really busy and i might have to resort to HIT.

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    time is an issue for us all, I know what you mean...just have to make some sacrifices in your busy schedule to meet your goals.

    Right now my training routine is as follows:
    Mon: Legs
    Tues: Chest/calves
    Thurs: Back
    Fri: Shoulders/Bi's/Tri's

    2-3 Core Exercises for each bodypart.
    4 sets...(10-12) reps.

    Since my time is limited my plan of attack is simple...get in, train hard, and get out. No bs'ing wasting time, just in and out in less than an hour. >>>>>Don't forget everything relies on proper nutrition and recovery<<<<<Good luck...US

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    no doubt about everyone having tight schedules....but mine is really least for me. I get to class at 9 everymornin then work right after tell about 9 and its out in the sun all day..saboudiansuggested except switched around a little.

    I really appreciate the help yall....
    I've never been one of those guys who talks in the gym...i always lift by myself so i dont have to talk to people. Even then my workouts are usually 1.5-2 hours.....

    I think im gonna try the trainin split

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