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    How many people like Incline Flys?

    I used to do decline flys and incline press. Now, in the spirit of changing workouts every now and then I have switched to decline press and incline flys. How many of you bros like Incline flys?

    I also have a question on form. I understand there should be a slight bend in the elbows, but too much of a bend results in more of a press than a fly. About what angle do you keep your elbows at when you do these?


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    I like all, incline, flat, decline. For some reason though it seems when I do declines I feel it more. And I may do em wrong but I like around a 15 degree bend. Of course if I have no spot sometimes it results in a 35 degree bend.

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    I try to incorporate incline flys into every other chest workout..............
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    I like incline flyes... as with any flyes, form should be like wrapping your arms around a big oak tree...

    Get a good stretch but don't alllow your body to try and make it easier by making it closer to a pressing movement... which incorporates more secondary muscle involvement. Your body will want to make it easier... fight it.

    Incline flyes will target more of the Pec Minor - which usually is underdevoped. It pays to do incline movements for a full chest....

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    Listen to Warrior, there are too many people doing flyes in a way that is essentially a dumbell bench press. At the bottom of the movement, my forearms arms are nearly parallel to the floor. You'll have to lower the amount of weight, but the movement will hit your pecs more than your triceps.

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    I like cable incline flyes, the way it keeps constant presser even at the top of the movement feels alsome. Strict form is a must even if I have to drop the weight.

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