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    Planning second cycle.. What do you think?!?

    24.5% BF

    cycle experience: One nine week 500mg/wk test-E

    Goal: Add some quality muscle and strength. Also assisting in recovery from high endurance training so i can train harder more often.

    i'm hoping to increase my cardio vascular health and over all endurance while shedding a few lbs of fat and adding a few pounds of lean muscle.

    I plan on cutting some weight and getting my bf% to 15% or less BEFORE starting the cycle below:

    Test - Cyp 1-8 200mg/wk
    Var 1-6 30mg/ED

    now before you start flaming on the low doses i want to point out i am interested in endurance style physical activity as well as "getting big."

    When i was on my first cycle i would get such huge pumps from 500mg/wk it made running a nightmare, and i loved running.

    So what do you guys think?

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    i'm thinking for endurance the var might be dosed a bit high, maybe something closer to 15-20mg a day would be better. I'm poking around doing more reading and hearing that anavar can give some huge pumps even at 30mg's a day. Anyone experience Var pumps at 30mgs?

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    You don't need steroids to achieve your goals, you need to get in your head that your way forward is cardio and diet. It will take a far bit of time for you to drop over 10% in BF so I feel you need to concentrate on the areas what are going to achieve this and thats cardio and re-designing your diet. Head over tot he diet section and post your daily diet.

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    I need to work on getting the Macro's in order for my diet, as far as what food i'm eating i keep it pretty damn clean for someone who isn't micro managing,

    Eat every 3 hours i'm awake, chicken, spinach (tbspn of ranch), Tilapia, eggs, ezekiel bread (when i make a sandwich), chicken & turkey breast deli meat, Mustard for flavor on w/e or hot sauce, whole oats unflavored, shit like that.

    So i am used to eatign the right food i just think maybe my calories are a bit high.

    Thank you for the advise Marcus, I don't plan on using AA's till i reach my <15% bf. I'll re-assess my desire to do them again then.

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    Yeah mate I agree with Marcus get the bf% down first and sort out the diet. Diet isdefinatly the key. Jump over to the diet forum and youll be right from there... Goodluck

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