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MERC Q & A ( Ask Merc. )

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by , 11-14-2007 at 07:00 PM (12236 Views)
I wanted to use my blog in a helpful way so I decided to start a Q & A to answer any questions you might have ..

So if there is anything you would like to get my take on just post here...


I am not a medical doctor and all subject advise given is for research and entertainment purposes only and is not intended for anyone to preform any of it. Nor do I condone the use of any illegal substances .
Always obtain a prescription from a licensed physician
Everything I say is for entertainment purposes only..

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  1. bigt10's Avatar
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    AAS / Under 21

    Hey merc i have done the research read the site.

    there is one thing i must agree on, teenagers in highschool taking steroids is bad. they dont know what theyre doing, they dont know to train, how to diet, drink to much, dont train consistant, poor diet, have no clue how much to use, how to do a proper cycle and use pct.

    i am sure we can agree on this across the board.

    However i feel there must be an acception.

    What do you say to the 19 year old who has been at the gym for 3-4 years and hasnt missed a workout in 2 years. to the kids who train 4-5 times a week with a solid program and they know how to train properly. They also follow a proper split workout plan and know how to exercise. Not only this but they know how to diet properly and actually cook their own food and know how many calories a day they are eating, to the ones who want to be body builders and dont get drunk every weekend.

    To the 19 year old who follows this and has gotten results naturally but realizes the potential to use steroids. Also to the young guy who has been to and read all the profiles and stuff from guys like yourself. The kid who knows how much to use, how to make a proper cycle, how to do aproper post cycle therapy along with taking proper dosages and even knows what anti-estrogens are.

    This is where i see a problem, is while 90 % may fall into the other category of young goof balls who want to get bigger for football or want more girls and think steroids are the solution.

    To me i think i know the answer but you are probally the most intelligent on this board.

    IS there supporting evidence that such at an age of 19 that you could cause permanent damage to your HPTA???? This is the question i often find unanswered. If you did a cycle at 19 and did a proper pct and perhaps een had the bloodwork done to see would this be okay ?

    Aside from obvious economic reasons and the other reasons as to why someone under 21 should not cycle, i am talkin from a medical perspective only and long term side effects.

    it seems to me that the main risk is the estrogen sealing growth plates before your done growing.

    im sorry but havent been able to get a answer on permanent HPTA damage.

    thanks merc!
  2. Hunter's Avatar
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    I have read where people believe dhts can free up bound test. So in theory this would make recovery easier if you where to run it at the end of a cycle. I have ran into confliciting data supporting it and not supporting it what is your stance on this?
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    Also what is theory of diminishing gains when running long cycles, as in 18+ weeks. Do you believe in over saturation of androgens, high shbg levels, combo of things. Please do not be afraid to go into detail. I am all ears and eyes!
  4. RANA's Avatar
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    Hey brother,
    Glad to see your blog here. In the spring I plan on running my tren a/prop cycle again, this is by far my favorite cycle. I was looking to add an other compound, my main goal is to gain lean muscle mass. I don't want to add winny or mast because it would be too harsh on my hair.
    38 yr old
    222 lbs.
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