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    could anyone help me making up a good diet for a clen cycle?

    so far this is the diet , i came out with for my clen cycle , 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

    meal 1: oatmeal and english muffin
    meal 2: protein shake with oatmeal
    meal 3: chicken/fish/steak with vegetables/pasta/2 potatoes
    meal 4: oatmeal with peanut butter jelly sandwich (wheat bread) and nuts,almonds and raisins
    meal 5: low fat yogurt and banana/apple/pear
    meal 6: chicken/fish/steak with a bowl of rice
    meal 7: (after work out) protein shake
    meal 8: 1 tbsp cottage cheese.

    Guys, what caffeine pill is good for the cycle, and how do you see my diet? Any other suggestions?

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    We need to know your age height weight and BF% for a start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugger02 View Post
    We need to know your age height weight and BF% for a start

    Check out the diet stickies bro...

    Here's a start for you:

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