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    Help critique my diet

    Cutting diet.
    Firstly my stats:
    age: 22
    Starting weight on my cut was 172lbs at 5'9.5 and now 163lbs (been going 2 months but lost marginal bodyfat although losing weight at a relatively steady weight). BF % probably around 12%

    Diet: 2300 cals 40/40/20 p/c/f ratio;

    Meal 1:
    shake = 2 scoops ON whey, 1/4 cup oats and blueberries

    Meal 2: 225g chicken with brown rice and vegges (eat it throughout day)

    meal 3: 150g of steak

    pre workout: 2 pieces of jam on toast

    post work out: bottle of gatorade and a chicken wrap

    meal 4: 15 almonds and a shake (2 scoop ON).

    Do 10 mins cardio a day and I guess I could increase that. I just dont get how I am losing weight but barely losing fat (e.g. lost only 4 points on skinfold caliper for stomach measurement). Used to have a refeed once a week where i ate about 4k calories of whatever. But think I may get rid of that. Any suggestions? Btw I am completely natural. NOTE: my maintenance seems to be around 2500. Drastic reduction in calories does not seem to work for me; last years cut at a 500 deficit on a 2k calorie diet i lost over 10lbs in a month and then stopped as I was losing too much muscle
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    Have you ever tried fasted cardio? That might help a lot. Does for me!
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    You need to make protein meal 1 more from a slow source... think reducing to 1 scoop protein and add 5 whites and two yolks scrambled of something like that

    You need quick protein PWO, so for PWO meal, have 1 - 2 scoops instead of the chicken wrap

    You need to add meat to meal 4, not protein shake IMHO... at the least have casein/whey blend as opposed to whey solo

    do PWO cardio 15 mins or fasted-cardio AM cardio (min 30 mins treadwill walking) like slimmerme suggested ^^^

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