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Thread: Blood Work Results are in .. What's wrong with me?

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    Question Blood Work Results are in .. What's wrong with me?

    Forum what's up,

    I've been reading quite a few threads over the last few weeks and gained a lot of insight kudos to the admins and community.

    Quick sum up: I've been feeling very demotivated at a progressing pace over the past four years of my life. I've lost a job I loved, don't have the energy to keep up with what used to be my good friends and stay in a hazy/bad mood throughout the day.

    I workout almost 5 days a week, and try to do as much adventurous activities as I can. I've been tired of feeling like this, and decided to go to my GP last week for the second time in regards to this matter (last time was November of 2016). Both times my doctor said it could be some personal issues in my life and that it's psychological. I'm happy with my relationship (besides low libido), happy with my passion, and family.

    First time I went in to do my blood work in 2016, test levels showed at 273. A year after the doc asked to increase my exercise, cut out any negativity draining me down, try to activities, and increase any deficient vitamins at the time. I merely still feel the same... just mellow at all times.

    At the recent blood work done, my test level showed up at 342. The doc recommended taking anti-depressant pills and was strongly against TRT therapy. That's not a road I want to go down.

    Now I may be wrong, but what do you guys advice based on the history and the most recent blood results (check attachments). I'm tired of always feeling like sh*t with lack of confidence, and not being at my ability that I once was at. Is TRT the route to go?

    26 year old
    21%bf (clean diet &1hr cardio/5 times a week)

    Blood Work Results are in .. What's wrong with me?-img_2472-1.jpg

    Blood Work Results are in .. What's wrong with me?-img_2473-1.jpg

    Thanks in advance

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    Your Total T and Free T are not that bad. IgE is high, indicating some sort of immunological condition. Perhaps a parasitic infection. Vit D should be higher. Suggest supplementing with 2000 to 4000 IU Vit D per day. This might help to bring SHBG down a little which should bring Free T up.

    Overall, I'm not seeing your problem as a T problem. I would not consider starting TRT at your age until all other tests are exhausted to determine the cause of your symptoms. I agree with your decision not to pursue antidepressants too until all other tests are completed. I'd particularly would find out what is pushing your IgE up.

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    Very worthwhile thread revival
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