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Thread: Starting TGEL and have question. Please help

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    Starting TGEL and have question. Please help

    Hi all,

    Just got my script for t gel and was planning on starting next week. Was hoping someone could help me answer a few questions

    1. Can/should I mix in a cycle of Clem to start off?
    2. What/should I mix any peptides like cjc 1295 with the gel?
    3. I really just want to get back into shape, lose the dad bod and get my strength back. Are these realistic expectations for t gel?
    4. Many people told me to put gel on scrotum for best results. Is this the best way?

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place,but Iím 42 and figured this forum would be best. Any advice would help

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    Most users here prefer shots over topical cream do to gels relatively poor absorption. My guess will be that the bulk of your responses will be 'dump the topical and inject' blah blah blah. Not saying they are wrong, it just isn't particularly helpful relative to your questions.

    I can only really semi-intelligently respond to your questions about peptides. If you are asking should you reconstitute peps and mix them in with the gel, the answer is absolutely not.

    If you are asking would CJC-1295 no DAC (aka Mod-GRF 1-29) be a good add-on as a separate injection, then absolutely yes. Pair that with Ipamorelin for a nice little cutting boost. Nothing magical, but noticeable after a few weeks.

    All that said, t-gel or even injections aren't magic. While they will help with getting back in shape, diet, exercise, recovery and nutrition are as important.

    Good luck and since I see this is your first post, welcome to the forum!

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    Moving this to the HRT forum.
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    I was prescribed the gel and to be totally honest it wasn’t worth a rub…..
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