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    11 year natty blood work help please (pics)

    He guys and gals, canít believe Iím back on this board again itís been a long 11 years since I was here but glad to be back!
    Did a few cycles in my mid twenties between 24-26 and havent hit the gym since. But with that said I had my labs done a few months ago the dr saw my results and thought I was taking exogenous testosterone but I havenít taken any in 10-11 years. I am currently back in the gym just taking creatine and protein shakes trying to get back in the groove but my blood test was before starting back to the gym.
    Can Any experts out there explain why my natural test is so high while also having a super high SHBG? Dr said you hardly ever see that in patients, usually if you have a high SHBG patients have low T
    And also my T3 levels were perfect! I was actually going in to see if I could get on hrt but dr would not prescribe with my test being over 1000 ng/dl
    Also my free T was more in the normal to high range but Iím assuming it could be a lot higher if my SHBG wasnít so high? I am currently taking a boron supplement to try to lower my SHBG so my free T (usable) will be higher. Does that makes sense or am I and idiot ? Lol

    Since my natural test is so high would Anavar or another solid oral be ok to take without major shutdown?

    My stats are 5í10Ē 185 8-10% BF

    Thanks everyone!
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    Moved to TRT area for more relevant responses.
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