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Thread: Preparing for first cycle and looking for input.

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    Great progress NCC. Thanks for sharing. Good info for someone (like me) preparing for their first cycle. I saw your comment on upping your calories by 750 but didn’t see anything else on your food, macros or calories. Interested to know more about your eating plan considering how much muscle you packed on.

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    I eat fairly clean so just simply ate more. I shoulda paid more attention to my growing midsection, but loved the growing number on the scale.

    I've been dieting down to reduce the midsection before the next cycle.
    Since the first was short I did a short PCT and now I think I'm getting back to normal...even the balls are pretty much back up to size.
    I'll get a blood test in about 4-5 weeks if the clinic will do it then.

    I'm at 215lbs today - that's down 18.5lbs.
    My thighs are down an inch and upper arms are down about 1/2 an inch. So I've kept about an inch on them from my starting size.
    I probably gained about 5-7 of actual muscle, but I'm not doing hard science....just basic measurements with the scale and tape.

    If I can beat that gain with the test/tren cycle I'll be very happy. I'll also make sure I don't gain as much fat this time...even if the scale moves really slowly.

    I'll start a second cycle thread in a few weeks.
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