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    Started to work out

    I've been recently working out for like 4-5months now, I've been doing it from a tall skinny frame, and just wondering what you people think

    Around 5 months ish ago I was 6foot and like 11.4stone
    Now im 12.9 stone
    I'm 18

    Any tips on what seem to do ? Been readin through most of the forums.

    Sorry about the pics, all im able to use is some bad quality webcam :/
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    Lift weights, eat steaks
    There's no "secret" to putting on muscle mass.

    1) Train hard and heavy. Stick to the basic compound movements (squats, bench, deadlift, dips, shoulder presses, etc), and 95% of your workouts should be free-weights.

    2) Eat big. Take in 1-2g protein per lb of bodyweight. You don't look carb sensitive, so really pound down the carbs and keep fats moderate. Also, drink at least 1 gallon of water a day.

    3) Rest. There is a saying, "you get strong in the gym, but you get big outside the gym". Your body needs adequate rest to recover and grow, so make sure you sleep 8 hours at least every night.

    4) Repeat. Keep these 3 factors consistent, and the gains you are looking for WILL come in time. "Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was a championship physique" - Arnold.

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    Exoneration. . .
    Nice one. What's 12.9 stone in LBs? lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sizerp View Post
    Nice one. What's 12.9 stone in LBs? lol.
    I believe it is 180.6 lbs

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    Yeah thats about it...

    As for OP, Hamish is correct, there is no secret. Just lift hard, eat big, and be consistent.

    Thats basically it.

    Check out these links to help with your diet and training, as these are the MOST important aspects of gaining.

    Workout Section

    Diet Help

    Diet Section

    Choosing Diets

    Best of Luck bro, dont be afraid to ask questions either.


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