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    Need advice ,long story.

    Hello ,this is my first time here for many years. I'm a life-long lifter who has been for the most part natural. I started lifting and working out in the 80's in my mid to late teens. Back then we all listened to Arnold and read M&F for our bb needs.
    I lifted very heavy and trained 3-6 times per week. I made a lot of gains and was 210 at 5'7 with 18inch arms.I could squat 300kg for a single rep and 240kg for 20 on a regular basis.Never thought I would touch steroids but in my late 30's after over 20yrs of natural training my curiosity got the better of me and I tried a first cycle with Deca and dbol .I found that it didn't do much other than give me water retention and a bloated look.
    I did more research and this was the time that a lot of info was available for making your own Tren from fina pellets.Being married with 2 kids I'm frugal, to say the least, so it appealed to me. So this is what I did for my next few cycles. It helped a lot with my strength so I was back to lifting my best from my youth and also some small gains. But after that, I quit.
    Now here's where things get bad. In 2008, I had a complete meltdown. I was working full-time ,doing 60hrs of unpaid community work a month and building an extension on my house alone. I went from that to sitting in a recliner and not being able to do anything. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and since then have really struggled. Lifting on one day will leave me totally drained for days afterward with pain and stiffness everywhere.
    I'm now 51yrs old , and I still have a lot of mass which I attribute to all my years of natural lifting .I sorely (no pun intended)miss being able to work out regularly like I used to and I have no energy for the simplest things.I lost my job, then house and also my self-worth because of this sickness. I often wonder if my taking fina had anything to do with my condition. One doctor suggested though that my fibro may be caused by compression at the top of my spine where I have a visible dowager's hump. maybe from lifting too heavy and too early in life.
    My question to you is what can I do? There are so many other things out there now that weren't some years ago.Peptides,sarms etc. Is there anything that would really help me in my condition? Is there anyone of you with a similar story?
    Thanks ahead of time for reading and considering this.

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    wow... you got me on that one. i would only suggest seeing a range of dr's that may have some sense of what you have and what treatment options available.

    good luck.

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    I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles, a single solution to the many unfortunate things would be a true blessing. But my friend, a single solution just doesn't exist. The only advice I can give is that doing "something" is better than doing "nothing" and waiting for a solution to come to you.

    1) Get up and walk. You're history tells me you're tough enough to do it, so go walk, daily. It'll help your mind and your body.
    2) And go see a dr. I promise, it wont hurt.
    3) You sound like a tough SOB, you just have to take action, get your butt moving.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    Sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia! I too have fibromyalgia and was diagnosed with it at age 26. I still am currently working, doing Autobody work and everyday is definitely a struggle. My back always feels like it's on fire! I started lifting lightly about 3 months ago and have stuck with it. It doesn't help my fibro much, but it does help get your mind off things for that hour of the working out. I do take several supplements as well. If you get a good rheumatologist, if you don't have one already, he/she maybe able to get you a prescription. I do have cyclobenzaprine and Tramadol on hand for pain.

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    Many times fibromyalgia is undiagnosed lyme disease (or other stealth infection), some doctors think all fibro is undiagnosed lyme. Just something to consider. Most rheumatologists don't properly consider lyme, and taking corticosteroids that they often prescribe can cause complications if there lyme/coinfections are present, even if not symptomatic.

    Sorry about your "crash" and fibro diagnosis. People with fibro usually have some degree of HPA axis dysfunction causing cortisol imbalances (good salt, vitamin C, and some other nutrients are very nourishing and supportive of adrenal healing). A functional/integrative/naturopathic type doctor should be able to help with that, which can do a lot to improve energy and recovery.

    Because of adrenal stress probably a good idea to avoid cardio. Lifting is good for strengthening immune system, but need to scale back to what the body can handle so you aren't wiped out for days. Working out at night so you can sleep and rest the body soon after can help prevent the wipe out. There is also a condition known as "post exertional malaise" (PEM) which is exacerbated by physical activity, often accompanies fibromyalgia. It's caused by mitochondrial dysfunction.

    My story is very similar. I've been working on recovering my health for a long time, my "crash" was 12 years ago and I declined steadily for the 10 years that followed, despite a lifestyle that should have helped me stay well. It's been a very slow road but I am making progress.

    I hope you are able to find the help you need to start feeling better again.
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