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    Does anyone do fullbody workouts?

    just curious does anyone to full body workouts anymore ?

    full body has my attention lately I understand you focus on big movements and finish with some accessory work but how does this work for long term results for someone not using steroids , I know all the guys in the 70's 90's did full bodys I don't mind spending 1-2 hours in the gym

    I usually do push pull legs , but even that I find overlapping and I think chest back / Shoulders arms / legs is a better split
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    I do full body workouts when training for strength. Usually some sort of 5x5 routine.

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    I've got about 20 clients right now currently on some form of full body routine. it depends on many factors, I got other clients on more traditional bro splits. I find with most people hitting muscle groups more frequently then once per week works much better then only hitting one body part per week. Full body is one way to accomplish this.

    I've got a client whose a member of this forum that I have on an whole upper body, whole lower body, and a whole full body split.
    its a. combination of high volume training on some days, HIT style training on others, and high metabolite full body on other days.

    point is you don't have to do full body only. you can implement it into a program but not have to do it every workout. . I personally do a super high intensity full body workout every 8th day , which also falls on my carb re-feed and cheat meal day.

    what are your goals, how often do you have to train, whats your diet like, how many years training ?

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    I do two days a week of high intensity full body exercises. On top of my regular splits.
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    Nope, doesn't suit my goals now, done it before though when natural. I find it is all about balancing out and priorities. You can train for endurance and do 20 sets per muscle full body but if your goals are mass/strength you will have to balance that out and perhaps split it up upper/lower and/or specialization on some parts per day. In essence you can focus on one (lesser amount of) group of muscles and use a greater training load, which will need for longer recovery, or a greater group of muscles with a lesser training load (per muscle) which requires a shorter recovery period. If you haven't tried adjusting all these variables you haven't really explored training to find what works, and of course if many ways work then toggle between them when one method gets exhausted.

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    I train for powerlifting so I train differently than most on this forum.

    I train 3 days a week and all three are full body workouts.
    I generally squat twice a week, deadlift once, and do chest, shoulders, back three times or...
    I squat once a week, deadlift twice, and do chest, shoulders, back three times.

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    When I get pressed for time I often do full body workouts and I've made good gains doing it that way.
    I still prefer a split though,,upper body one day,,lower body the next.

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    I have done, push, pull, leg 3 day split but I feel with doing full body workouts 4-5 days a week you can overtrain

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    My full body consist of 40 minutes of body part specific weight training and 20 minutes of CrossFit type of multi-joint plyometrics. i.e. on a chest day I'll do 100reps with 225lbs on the bench, 50reps with 100lb dumbbells on the inclined bench, PecDeck (40 minutes). Then [wall balls (30s), break (10s), power cleans (30s), break (10s)] x 4 cycles non-stop and [burpee with push up to box jump (30s), break (10s), ball throw down (30s), break (10s)] x 4 cycles

    The combination of resistance training and plyos helps me to cut fat and maintain the muscularity.

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